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Address:155 Queen Street,Suit 203,


Tel:+1(902) 566-2677

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Home Security

Canopus supports complete home security, protecting your home from anywhere. you can control any part of your system and check up on your home right from your smartphone, computer, or tablet.


Our Service 


Complete home security

Our system lets you control your home from everywhere. Be it phone, on the web or from your panel.


Motion Detection

Use the motion detection settings to have your camera record anyone who enters the house.


Non-emergency alters

Receive a text message alert any time an event is triggered in your house. You even get to decide what non-emergency alerts you receive.



30 Days Limited Warranty


We carry a 100 days limited warranty for our repairs except for water and physical damage phones. Our limited warranty cover defected part(s) replaced and/or bad repairs. We will repair your phone at no charge. We will not cover defects caused by misuse, abuse, accident, physical damage, abnormal operation, improper handling or storage, neglect, alteration, unauthorized installation, removal or repairs, failure to follow instructions, problems caused by your network coverage, exposure to fire, water, liquid, food and physical damage. Warranty will void if your phone has been repaired by others. We have the right to refuse any warranty work without proof of receipt.